My first year

During my first year at IoTeX, I spearheaded the development of the IoTeX documentation portal, which included comprehensive reference code and technical resources. Additionally, I actively supported the successful launch of the Pebble Tracker Crowdsupply campaign, engaging with developers interested in adopting the IoTeX blockchain and providing them with valuable technical assistance. I also conducted workshops at several smaller events and played a key role in providing technical support during crucial business development meetings.


Recognizing the importance of developer relationships, expanded the team with two carefully selected members to ensure comprehensive developer relations activities. This included the addition of a full-stack web3 developer and a community support person, who have played pivotal roles in our continued success. As the driving force behind this team, I designed a comprehensive strategy that included multiple initiatives to support developers and foster a vibrant community.

Key initiatives I implemented included the creation of a dedicated Developer community on Discord, which now boasts over 2000 users with a remarkable 10% daily engagement and 50% activation rates. Additionally, I drove the creation of a Developer Portal featuring official academy content, and a blog to share insights and tutorials. Furthermore, I integrated web3 functionalities into these platforms to empower developers with tools that enhance their experience and encourage community-driven content creation.

The Third Year

Over the past year, I have continued to strengthen our team by adding two more exceptional resources: a full-time developer-marketing and relations person, and a part-time embedded developer. These additions have further increased our capabilities and allowed us to provide even more comprehensive developer content and support.

During this period, I have significantly increased my presence at events, actively engaging in educational and community support activities. These efforts include conducting Developer Office Hours, hosting online workshops, and delivering insightful webinars. By addressing developer queries and sharing best practices, I have contributed to the growth and success of the developer community. Furthermore, I established a developer newsletter to ensure important updates and information reach our community members in a timely manner.


In summary, as the Developer Relations Manager at IoTeX, I have successfully cultivated a strong developer community, implemented effective strategies to support developers, and fostered engagement through various channels. I am passionate about driving the growth and success of developers within the Web3 space and am committed to empowering them to unlock the full potential of IoTeX’s layer-2 decentralized network.